Fridge-tag®2L: For Refrigerators or Freezers

The Fridge-Tag 2L is available in three configurations. The first two have preset alarms for either the refrigerator or freezer. We find that this makes deployment by the providers very simple. The Fridge-Tag 2L with User-settable alarms is the version for users that want to customize alarm settings. This version is being selected by many users for use as a backup unit, which can later be deployed in either a refrigerator or freezer.

  • Fridge-Tag 2L for Refrigerator (Item No. 225-0208-002) with Alarm Settings >8°C for 60 minutes; <2°C for 15 minutes
  • Fridge-Tag 2L for Freezer (Item No. 225-9915-002) with Alarm Settings >-15°C for 60 minutes
  • Fridge-Tag 2L User-settable (Item No. 225-9999-004) with no preset alarm settings

The Fridge-Tag 2L with preset alarms come with an ISO 17025 certificate of calibration performed at a single temperature, which is 5°C for the refrigerator version and -20°C for the freezer version. The Fridge-Tag 2L User-settable version comes with an ISO 17025 certificate of calibration performed at two temperatures, 5°C and -20°C

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  • No software = easy installation
  • 3 Year ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate
  • 62″ Sensor ULTRA Flat Cable Available
  • +16,000 Recordings in Memory
  • +/-0.5ºC Measuring Accuracy
  • Large LCD Screen 1″ x 3.75″

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