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The Fridge-tag® 3 is supplied as a kit including an external sensor in a bottle filled with glycol and a USB cable and power adapter for charging the battery.

The Fridge-tag® 3 measures the storage temperature of refrigerator or freezer. If one of the two alarm limits/warnings is exceeded or fallen below, the Fridge-tag 3 sends automatically a notification by SMS to predefined person(s) in charge. Additionally the alarm will be triggered on the display and/or is audible as an audio signal. A quick decision and immediate action is thus possible.

The PDF/A report containing daily summary information, can be generated without additional software. The collected temperature data can be easily integrated into a web based server application.

Innovation in Temperature Monitoring

Why the Fridge-tag®3 is creating fans around the world…

  • Temperature monitoring when it matters most thanks to a programmable built in GSM-Module, it enables operators all around the world to
    receive automatically generated real-time alerting or warning messages by SMS. Additionally,
    it can be easily integrated into a web based server application.

  • Software is not used to start or operate the Fridge-tag®3. Nearly 30% of providers are forbidden to install because of workplace security. Using the Fridge-tag®3 insures all providers comply with the use of data loggers

  • Meets all CDC guidelines for monitoring the temperature of vaccine storage.

  • It can be installed in 1 minute following simple instructions. Online training videos are available at no cost

  • The calibration certificate is valid for 2 years, lowering operational costs. Recalibration services available to extend the useful life another 2 years or more further reducing lifecycle costs.

  • Audible and visual alarms insure the providers are alerted if there is an alarm

  • Reports are easy to retrieve and simple to understand

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