We have made activating your device very easy. Fill out your custom device settings below and we will update your device’s settings for you. You can also download a device setting cheat sheet here to prepare. If you have any questions about your settings, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1 (508) 366 – 0084.
Once you have submitted this form, Berlinger USA will notify you when your device settings have been updated. Meanwhile, place the glycol bottle containing the external sensor probe in the respective refrigerator and freezer units. Wait two hours before connecting the Fridgetag 3 device to the sensor to allow the temperature to equilibrate.
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  1. All alarms are set in Celsius even if Fahrenhait is chosen as the display temperture unit.
  2. Any alarm or warning can be disabled by setting the duration to 0 minutes. So, if you don’t want to utilize the warnings feature, for example, choose 0 minutes in the high warning duration and/or the low warning duration fill-in box below.
  3. Notifications are sent by SMS to all subscribed users for all alarms and warnings, but only alarms are reported in the LCD display.


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