Video 1: What’s in the box?

Video 2: How to Start the Fridge-tag® 2 & 2L

Video 3: How to change date/time & ºC to ºF on a Fridge-tag® 2 & 2L

Video 4: How to install a Fridge-tag® 2 & 2L

Video 5: What to do if there is an alarm? (clearing the X)?

Video 6: How to read the Fridge-tag® 2 & 2L screen

Video 7: Does the Fridge-tag® 2 & 2L meet VFC data logger requirements?

Video 8: How to download and understand the Fridge-tag® 2 & 2L report

Video 9: Is something wrong with my storage unit or the Fridge tag® 2 or 2L?

Video 10: How to configure the User settable Fridge-tag® 2L

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