Fridge-tag®2L: For Refrigerators or Freezers

The Fridge-tag 2L is available for rapid order fulfillment in two configurations, one for use in a refrigerator and the other for a freezer as follows:
  • Item No. 225-9999-008, Fridge-tag 2L for Refrigerator with alarm settings at >8°C for 60 minutes and <2°C for 15 minutes. The alarms are configurable by the user. Users that want the alarms set differently can adjust the threshold and alarm delay themselves. We have prepared easy to follow instructions that have been successfully used by many users.
  • Item No. 225-9915-002, Fridge-tag 2L for the Freezer with an alarm set at >-15°C for 60 minutes. The alarm is set at the factory and locked. It cannot be changed by the user.
The Fridge-Tag 2L comes with an external sensor in glycol bottle and an ISO 17025 certificate of calibration performed at a single temperature, which is 5°C for the refrigerator version and -20°C for the freezer version. The Fridge-tag 2L for the refrigerator with configurable alarms can be used as a backup device for use in either a refrigerator or freezer.
We accept special orders for any custom settings subject to a minimum order quantity. So, you have the choice of accepting the configurations that we carry in stock or place a special order with custom settings.

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No software = easy installation
3 Year ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate
62″ Sensor ULTRA Flat Cable Available
+16,000 Recordings in Memory
+/-0.5ºC Measuring Accuracy
Large LCD Screen 1″ x 3.75″

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