Swiss-Quality Temperature Monitoring Devices

About Berlinger

Innovation has propelled the Berlinger Company through the past 150 years. Our team has been helping customers around the world create greater visibility into their cold chain processes as well as reduce risk and drive process improvements. Berlinger proudly offers a family of products that are designed to validate pharmaceutical cold chain shipments.

Through intelligent design, the Q-tag® CLm doc family of data loggers continuously monitor temperatures in transit, providing the user all the information needed via a pdf file. NOW see the full family of product offerings: Q-tag® CLm doc a) Logger b) Dry Ice c) Reusable. Avoid software validation and up-grades through our PDF report and SmartView information management system. SmartView® uniquely enables users to achieve two goals: 1) store information in a central network that is 21 CFR part 11 compliant & 2) analyze the data through unique report writing software embedded in the system. Or ask us how to use the device within your own centralized database. When you are ready to automate cold chain information and reporting processes, seek out Berlinger:

Berlinger’s Temperature Monitoring Devices